How do you identify your company or organization and how do you set yourself apart from those around you?  Whether you are a small business, a start up or a non-profit, you must show why you are different and make people remember who you are.  By creating a brand that showcases who you are and sets you apart from the competition, you are creating a value in what you do.

Just Do It. Think Different. The Ultimate Driving Machine. Built Ford Tough. Just a few brands that people never forget (Nike, Apple, BMW + Ford, respectively).  But this reputation can be built for any business, if done right.  So what did they do when it came to branding?  They stepped out of the box and thought differently (no pun intended).  It takes knowing that a successful branding idea might first be seen as a crazy one.

A few years back, a major coffee company decided to go through a re-branding, simplifying their look while opening up the growth possibility of their company.  By simplifying their logo, Starbucks dropped the word coffee from their name, because as we all know, Starbucks is now so much more than coffee.  Many saw this as a major risk being taken, deviating from their original brand so much that they ran the risk of loosing their identity.  But this was not the first company to broaden their horizons by shortening their name.  Apple did the same thing many years ago when it dropped not only Macintosh, but also the word computer after its name.  This opened the door for them to be identified by so much more than simply the computers they created.

So how can this line of thinking work for your company?  Be limitless.  Now what do I mean by that?  Create a brand that sets you apart but does not limit your opportunities.  Consumers have a need to identify with what they use, but they tend to do it in the strangest of ways.  Whether through look, ease, concept or integration, creating a brand that is bigger than simply the product, allows people to identify with it, in-turn increasing its visibility.

Visibility, whether through mass communication, advertising, media or mouth-to-mouth, it is key in a successful brand.  But the message must be one that is clear and concise; otherwise people forget.  The average person is bombarded with thousands of brands everyday, so being unique in ones visibility will allow you to be remembered.

This goes for non-profits and businesses alike.  A person looking to give their money away wants to do it with an organization that has a reputation that is positive.  Many equate reputation with brand visibility and design.  Though this is how many people end up giving to suspect organizations, the principle remains the same: that public awareness builds credibility and credibility builds reputation.  It builds the BRAND.  Through the Affari network, not only are you able to build a brand that will reach all realms of people but it also comes with a credibility that people are looking for.

Affari is skilled at working with you to create that brand that sets you apart.  Many have no clue where to begin, that is why we will set you up with a branding and marketing expert.  Our goal is to promote you.  The Affari Project wants you to grow and connect you with the resources to sustain that growth for more information, email us at

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