Serving non profits is in our DNA

Why not call a non-profit by what it is, an exempt.  We use non-profit as though it is the kind of business that can be profitless and still survive.  But doesn’t that break all basics of business?  Affari Project has a simple goal: Tell your Story and create Sustainability!

It is all about the Story Every mission has a story behind it. A story to change the lives a people who cannot do it for themselves, a story about courage in the face of difficulty, a story about the future! All of them take making a bold step. Let's make that story public - let's give it a voice.

It is all about Sustainability Without finances, how can the story be known and lives changed. As much as many do not like to address it, the financial future must be envisioned from the start, with a clear strategy to make sure that the work started is the work finished.

The 501(C)3 Process This can seem to be the most dauting task of the entire non-profit development process. 30+ pages of questions that, if not answered correctly, can mean the difference between you organization taking off, or sitting still.

The Heart behind Giving Affari Project learned from the very start that making giving easier for non-profits was crucial to their financial stability. It had to be simple! CheerGive is that simple, free and completely encompassing online giving platform.

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The Affari Project Pizza Party

When was the last time you received something truly free? There always seems to be some catch, or some hidden fee somewhere down the road. Not this time! The Affari Project is looking to do something truly special through our Non-Profit Giveback Project we’re calling the “Affari Pizza Party.” Why are we calling it this you ask? Well, everybody loves pizza and free pizza is even better.

This FREE “Pizza Party” will include the following:

While this is our fourth Pizza Party, it will continue to always be apart of the heart and vision of Affari Project; to give back to organizations and causes that we believe in and are making our world a better place. Our first three are doing amazing and we look forward to adding to their ranks!

In our experience with various non-profits throughout the years, some of the hardest times are the beginning. The need for branding, websites, graphics, online giving and proper planning are all pieces that are foundational to any organization. Unfortunately, the costs associated with many of these pieces can quickly become overwhelming.

We understand.

It’s for this reason that we are so proud to announce, the first ever Affari Pizza Party! No strings attached! 100% free to the chosen organization or cause!

How Do I get this Pizza Party!?

All you have to do is apply! The application will be available on our site starting November 1st! We want to hear your vision, your heart and the mission behind the organization that you want to start. We also want to know how you want to grow and the change in the world around you that you want to initiate. Our only request is for you to fill out the application online, and if you are up to it, shoot us a video because sometimes words are not enough to explain your heart.

When is the deadline? December 18th, 2015 is when all applications are due. That way we can start reaching out and making a decision. The winner will be announced by CHRISTMAS 2015!

What if you aren’t selected? NO WORRY! The fun is not over. Every organization that goes through the application process will get a 20% discount on Affari services for the next four months!

Questions: let us know, hit us up via email at and start filling out the application this Weekend! We are pretty stoked to hear from you and serve you in one way or another. And as always, STAY HUNGRY!


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